Tiny changes in habits can do a lot of things.  Some of the best outcomes of a molecular shift are getting started and gaining momentum.  And as we all know, journeys of a million miles begin with a single step.

But sometimes, little changes are simply not enough.  This was my experience when I tried to lose the fifty pounds I put on within six months of quitting smoking.  My appetite had become insatiable.  I would make healthy eating choices for part of the day, but then ruin the effort with the calories consumed in a half hour’s lapse.  I tried drinking more water, using supplements, exercising vigorously.  There was no confusion for me about why I wasn’t losing, even three years after putting down the smokes.  I ate too much.  The little changes, and even some of the bigger ones, were just not making enough of an impact.  I began to wonder why my appetite was so unmanageable.  The body was surely not designed to work this way.  I took my queries to the web and began learning.  And I discovered Dr. Mark Hyman.


Dr. Hyman’s revolutionary weight-loss program

I ordered Dr. Hyman’s book The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet, read it, and wept with relief as he identified what was going wrong with my satiety sensor.  I was startled by the changes he recommended.  No bread?!  No sugar?!  Who can live like that?!  The changes he advocated were BIG.  But I was desperate and I tried it.

Truly, the weight literally fell off.  Within 6 months the problem that had plagued me was over; my BMI was within the normal range.  I still follow his recommendations with minor modifications to suit my lifestyle and budget.  Maintaining my weight doesn’t pose a difficulty.  I find it easier to live without grains and sugar, than it was to live with them.  In fact, it requires far less self-control for me to eat none at all, than it did for me to eat a little.

Whether you’re struggling with weight-loss or facing an entirely different challenge, minor behavior modifications are a powerful tool and often lead the way to dramatic results.  But if you’re hitting a wall that little changes wont budge, consider BIG changes.  Sometimes, they’re not as hard as you think, and will finally get the job done.

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