Work. The word doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody. Some associate this phrase with things that happen in their office. Some with that for which they get paid. But I like to think of my work differently. Work is whatever I ought to do.

My work is:

  • to responsibly care for my health and wholeness
  • to raise, train and educate my children
  • to serve my spouse as a faithful and loyal friend
  • to create a beautiful and peaceful space, in which to live and share life, in my home
  • to accept, serve, and encourage my friends and family toward greatness; and to receive their challenges to be better with humility and energy
  • to see and respond to the needs in my community
  • to earn money for the support of those I am responsible for, through some effort which makes the world a better place

In keeping with this definition, any particular action may fall within or without its’ boundaries.  To take a nap when I need a rest, at times is the appropriate, responsible care of my body.  At such a time, napping would be my “work.”  At other times, to do so would represent an avoidance of an imminent requirement, and accordingly would not be my work.

The one defining factor of all that I consider my work is “The Lovely Ought.”  It is not the stuff of wearisome shackles and burdensome to-do lists.  It is the Giver of energy, hope, joy and peace.

In the words of Rabindranath Tagore ~

I slept and dreamt that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was duty.

I acted and behold, duty was joy.

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