Life Coaching

Metamorphosize Your Mood, Boost Your Energy, Improve Your Circumstances & Build Your Momentum.

A fast path to feeling better with step-by-step instructions and a hand to hold onto.

High Maintainence?  I Got You …
Life coaches offer all sorts of different kinds of help and use different methods.  Here’s what different about what I offer:

  • Every month I accept exactly 5 clients.  Everyone else gets added to a waiting list, and offerred an opening as soon as one is available.
  • We will schedule weekly sessions for an hour, but if you need it and have the time, we’ll talk as long as it takes for us to formultate a plan of action and for you to regain your courage.
  • In the heat of the moment, you don’t want to refer to notes from our last session, nor cue your phone to track 3 of the audiobook I reccommended.  While I can’t promise to take every call when you make it, I am able to repond to most of my clients on-demand coaching needs by phone or text in-between sessions.
  • For every month you hire me, your needs are what I have going on, and you may be surprised at how many creative ways I can find to help.

Goal setting again?  I Got You …
You can count on my asking you what you want but we will only use tools like SMART goals, affirmations and vision boards when we both feel like those are the best tools to move you forward.  However, I have many more tricks up my sleeve and we never have to use those tools if you don’t want to.

Newsworthy?  I Got You …
Confidentiality is my lifeblood.  Whether you fear exposure in E! or Politico, it’s no matter to me.  There is no bribe sufficient to pry your sacred secrets from my lips.

Learn more about how I work with clients, and my areas of specialization here.

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