Let’s Do It Together!

Helping You Get What You Want is My Business.

My name is Christine Taylor Kight.

I hold two life coaching certifications, a training certification and an Innovation Engineering Certification (which I use to create behavioral strategies that that kick chaos to the curb).

I also have decades of experience as a c-suite business consultant, a writer, a gigger, a solopreneur, a homeschooling mother and a very curious autodidact.

I help C-Suite Executives, Entertainment Professionals, Giggers, Solopreneurs, Remote Workers, Students and Moms find happiness, peace and order.

5 Week Programs:

30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround
A 30 Day Challenge that offers a simple and practical approach to getting unstuck, back on your feet and both feeling and doing better.

Fabulous Five
A simple and fun system for everyday life that offers routine, flexibility and progress

4 Week Programs:

Happiness Coaching
30 Days of coaching focused on fixing what’s broken and building the discipline of actions that create joy, hope and peace.

Tweens, Teens & Twenties
30 Days of coaching focused on helping your middle school, high school or college aged child develop healthy self-care disciplines and safe boundaries.

Come to Mamma
30 Days of coaching for adult survivors of abuse and neglect during which we’ll create adaptive strategies for thriving, and reinforce healthy self-parenting techniques.

Intensive Care Coaching
A totally bespoke 30-Day program when you want help, companionship and a confidential outlet but feel unclear about what you want and which path is forward.

Home School Coaching
30 Days of coaching for homeschooling mothers who want guidance and support in creating an academically rigorous environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity and free, joyful learning.

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