This is my final post, in a series of three, about the simple rules that enabled me to follow a low glycemic, low-carb diet, which eradicated my uncontrollable appetite and 35 excess pounds in a matter of months.

The first two rules, Rule # 1: I Can Have That!, and Rule # 2: Eat!, I covered in previous posts.  The third rule is this ~  Discard the Limits, Not the List.

Let me explain.  I had a list of foods I would and would not eat.  I ate above the ground vegetables in unlimited quantities, but limited my consumption of low-glycemic fruits, nuts, meats, and winter squashes.  I never ate sugar or sweeteners and never ate grains, legumes or root vegetables.  Most of the time, it was fairly easy to follow through on this plan, and sometimes it was a little challenging.

But occasionally I hit a wall.  I felt I could not obey that list for one more minute.  Sometimes this wave of rebellion against achieving my own goals came when I was tired, sad, overwhelmed or just especially tempted.  Regardless of the reason, my desire to quit, and trade months of success for a cupcake, was as strong as a tidal wave and required a special tactic.

I decided to cheat — but any old cheating would not do.  I knew that having a little sugar, or a little bread would be a trip with no return.  I knew that once I’d made that decision the first time, the second time would meet less resistance.  I would gradually end up right back where I started, without solving the problem of my overweight.  (for a detailed explanation of why the restricted foods were likely to have that result, please read this book)  And I was tired of being overweight.  It was uncomfortable, unhealthy and unattractive.  I wanted to win this time; I didn’t really want to give up.

Satisfying Indian Stir Fry

Satisfying Indian Stir Fry

So I experimented with removing the limits, while still obeying my list, on my weakest days.  It worked.

It wasn’t a tactic I used everyday.  I reserved it for those times when I felt myself seriously considering throwing in the towel.  That’s when the gloves came off.  I allowed myself to eat 3 cups of raspberries, 2 chicken breasts, an entire bowl of popcorn or an enormous serving of mashed pumpkin with butter.  I made a point of using anything and everything on my allowed food list to make myself whatever would make me feel nurtured and satisfied.

After taking care of myself in this way, I would emerge from the temptation knowing that I’d won.  I was still on track.  The excess berries or super-sized salmon had allowed me to get through the trial without reviving my appetite for carbs and sugars.  And keeping my appetite at bay, by not eating the restricted foods, was what enabled me to continue with my plan, until the job was done.

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