When I am trying to overcome a challenging weakness, I use many tools, together, to get the job done.

One of the things I do for myself is to create “affirmation sets” or motivational recordings.  I don’t rely on the recordings alone to change my offending behavior, but I will say they are a potent helper in my pursuit of personal growth.

To hear an example, visit my YouTube Channel where I am *beginning* to compile a few of these recordings into an affirmation collection.  In this particular recording I challenge myself to trade in my well-reasoned explanations for failure, for a decision to succeed anyway.

I have made recordings for my personal use specific to different challenges I’ve overcome, including quitting smoking, weight-loss, discouragement, anxiety, effective parenting practices, housekeeping avoidance and other forms of procrastination … and many other subjects.

If you’d like to make these recordings for yourself, a free app called ThinkUp makes this easy.  If you’d like me to work with you to produce a customized affirmation set designed to support your specific challenges, give me a call at 570.447.0982 or email me at christine@tinyturnaround.com.

Learning to think in a healthy, positive way about our challenges, obstacles and aspirations is a process.  With patience and effort you can make your thinking a powerful ingredient of your success.

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