Life Coaching

One-on-one Coaching, in person or by phone.  Options for ongoing accountability, trouble-shooting and support.

Tiny Turnaround Clients are business owners, homemakers, professionals, entrepreneurs, homeschoolers and students. They pursue goals in their career, health, personal, professional and academic development.

What is Life Coaching?
Life coaches use a process of listening, questioning, collaborative problem-solving, tool-sharing, accountability and encouragement to help clients:

  • Identify specific goals and purposes
  • Generate plans of action for achievement
  • Establish attainable milestones
  • Follow through on their own initiatives for progress
  • Recognize barriers and successfully navigate them
  • Maintain motivation and momentum

Who uses Life Coaching?
A wide variety of people use Life Coaches to support them in processes of achievement, change or creativity.  Following are a few of many possible descriptions:

  • Happy, successful people who want to bolster their efficiency in reaching a desired target
  • People who want support negotiating a new life circumstance or big change
  • People who have become temporarily discouraged with obstacles or failed attempts at a particular goal
  • People who want support with managing simultaneous priorities

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