Sometimes weekly coaching appointments just aren’t enough.  Clients who are undergoing treatment for anxiety or depression, who are going through an intensely difficult challenge, or who are making a fresh start benefit from more flexible and constant encouragement and help.

Tiny Turnaround offers Intensive Support Coaching to meet this need. Intensive support services include:

  • Longer appointments to address more complex problems
  • In person or remote assistance with high-stress tasks
  • In person or remote focused companionship
  • Planned accountability measures for key habits
  • Spontaneous availability for calls and texts as needed
  • Added support through e-mails with customized encouragement and / or instruction

A typical Intensive Support contract includes 12 hours of support for $700 / week, making it an affordable but effective option for those seeking companion level support.  Please call for a free consultation if you would like to discuss a customized option for yourself or a family member.


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Tiny Turnaround Professional Life Coaching

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