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Coaching Packages Available Through iHeartMEDIA Auctions

Get Unstuck!

$400 Value

Revamp your mood, energy level, purpose, productivity and routine with achievement strategist Christine Kight, as she personally guides you through 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround, or choose 5 customized success coaching sessions, designed to help you move forward in a goal of your choice.  Some popular choices include Overcoming Discouragement, Weight Loss, Home Organization, Parenting Strategies and Relationship Coaching.


30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround

$130 Value

Revamp your mood, energy level, purpose, productivity and routine using the Coach.me app and the Thirty Days to a Tiny Turnaround Plan.  Get permanent access to the online plan and an hour of phone or live support with Christine, to teach you how to use this performance boosting app on your computer, phone or tablet.

3 Step Parenting

$250 Value

If you’re dreaming of hiring a “super-nanny” consider this 3 session package in which we’ll discuss a powerful teaching strategy, a powerful connection strategy and a “can-do” consequence strategy, all of which work for children, toddlers through teens.  Or use the sessions for custom parenting coaching – in which you can identify the specific parenting challenges you’re facing and we’ll work together to identify strategies that reflect your family’s unique needs and philosophies.

Go to http://xwill.neofillbids.com/ between August 21st (noon) and August 28th (5 pm), 2017 to bid on these items.

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