Join a private group of 9 other achievers and use a proven process to enhance the likelihood of your success in any goal by over 50%.

Whether you have a business goal, a weight loss goal, or you want to reach a new level of success in a different area, Tiny Turnaround can help.
Beginning Monday, March 6th at 7 pm, Tiny Turnaround will host a weekly achievement support group, during which 10 participants will engage in a process proven to make the achievement of their objectives over 50% more likely.
Over the 6 session series, participants will:
  • Identify their most important goals
  • Craft a plan for achieving them
  • Pinpoint milestones and deadlines
  • Recognize their personal barriers and pre-determine strategies for overcoming them.
  • Begin taking immediate action
  • Learn strategies for increasing and maintaining motivation
In addition to reviewing potent achievement strategies, group members will benefit from the accountability, support and insights of like-minded achievers.
Participation costs only $60 and will be held at my Vallamont home.  Participation is limited to first ten respondents.
Call me today at 570.447.0982 to reserve your spot.


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Tiny Turnaround Professional Life Coaching

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