The truth is nobody has one goal.  We all have ten or twelve or many, many more.  We want to complete a marathon this fall AND have good looking teeth, healthy children, a spark with our partner, a flourishing career, an orderly home, an increasing account balance, and an impact on the world around us…  and this is great.  We should have all of these things, and we can.  But it’s in the striving toward all of them together where complication sets in.  This is precisely why we need routines, and why, in The Tiny Turnaround Program. evolving them merits its own category.

Routines of course, help us to manage a collection of tasks with less mental effort and greater likelihood of consistency.  They are habits which are chunked together in mini rituals; they are habits tied to triggers and cues.  But what routines aren’t is automatic.  Just as you would strategically plan which actions will help you reach a goal, so you must be intentional and diligent in determining the order and timing of those new actions.  You can expect that working new activities into your existing schedule will require more than one modification in this regard, and some perseverance.

Giving thought to, experimenting with, and revising routines to make new, strengthened and established habits work together, requires energy and time.  Acknowledging this in advance will bolster your chances of success.  New habits are often abandoned when their performance displaces other vital activities.  By reserving time and energy to analyze what is and isn’t working about the timing and order of new activities, and experimenting with different  triggers and cues, we are more likely to successfully incorporate new initiatives.  In so doing we fortify our chances of mastering our multiple priorities.

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