When you’re striving for consistency, don’t burden yourself with the added goal of PERFECT consistency.

We know that consistency is necessary for any real progress to take place.  The results of one healthy meal, one exercise session and ten dollars saved just aren’t going to get us where we’re going.  And yet many of us struggle to maintain the habits we start with gusto.

A trick to consider is adding layers of consistency to your goal.

You might begin an exercise goal by determining that you will do some cardio every day.  So you begin walking.  Sometimes you take a 30 minute uphill route and break a sweat.  Sometimes you take a 10 minute walk around your neighbourhood.  Sometimes you play a game of tennis instead or attend a yoga class with a friend.  But everyday you do cardio.  That kind of consistency gets results and is easier to maintain.

So put away the idea that it doesn’t count unless you do 30 minutes and break a sweat. (Both worthy goals with great health outcomes)  Get started, get consistent, and then level up.


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