Business Boosters

An Affordable Way to Motivate Your Employees While Your Business Keeps Buzzing.

Business Boosters is a product designed for small businesses who want the benefits of a motivated workforce without the cost and inconvenience of company downtime.

Invite your employees to an opt-in lunch held in your conference room.  I’ll bring a 45 minute interactive presentation on a subject with cross-appeal, applying to both their business performance and their personal goals.  Your employees will take away enthusiasm and skills for success, and you pay only for the presentation, while your workforce maintains their normal schedule.

Your first Business Boosters lunch is free.  Try it at no risk.  If you and your staff feel like it’s working for you, we’ll schedule one for each month at a consistent time. (ie: The second Tuesday of every month)  The rate is an easy $150 per event, and of course you’re free to cancel at any time.

Call me to schedule your first Business Booster lunch event, for free.

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