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30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround is a practical and methodical approach to feeling and doing better for those who are feeling stuck, discouraged, disorganized, unmotivated or in a rut.  Previously, I only offered this program via 6 hours of one on one coaching, spread over 30 days for a cost of $1200.  While I still help clients who wish to work through the program using this personal and intensive strategy, I recognized the problem.  Some of the people who reached out to me simply couldn’t afford this method.

So I worked very hard to publish a new, more accessible means of working through the program and long, last — it’s ready!

For only $30 you can purchase the entire program on is a habit tracking app which you can use on your desktop, phone or tablet.  When you buy the program you’ll have access to a written instruction and a supportive video for each of the 30 days.  You’ll also be able to use the app to keep track of the habits you’ll be adding each day of the program.  Once you buy the plan, it’s yours to keep and you can use it and re-use it as long as you’d like — just like an interactive book.  If you’re interested in learning more about 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround, and giving it a go on your own, click HERE.

If 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround doesn’t sound right for you, you might still be interested in using the app.  The app itself is free and allows you to track your performance in any habit. features a unique community environment in which achievers offer each other props and encouragement as they work independently on their goals.  To learn more about, click HERE.

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