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The 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround Program offers a simple and practical approach to getting unstuck and back on track.

The program is based on five core pillars of performance. Each pillar is vital, because they are co-dependent and synergistic factors in well-being, each with a profound effect on your brain chemistry, physical energy, mental acuity and mood. They are:

  1. Mindset
  2. Exercise
  3. Work
  4. Nutrition
  5. Routine

When we get discouraged or overwhelmed, we often neglect habits in one or more of these areas, even when we have practiced healthier choices in the past. Many times there is also the complication of a “big issue” or several big issues, which bring us to the point of feeling unable to get re-started.

In the 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround Program, we begin by identifying The One Thing – a goal you will take action on every day during the program. On each of the 28 days that follow, you will add one *very small* habit per day, cycling through the 5 performance areas identified above.

The category called “work” gets extra attention. Because people often have multiple roles and aspirations, this pillar is divided into 3 subcategories according to your individual need. The subcategories can be used to work on a big project, a relationship, an area of crisis, or just the daily business of your life at your job, at home and elsewhere.

The result is 29 days of focused effort on your highest-impact issue and 28 tiny habits, 4 each in 7 key areas of performance. The 30th day is devoted to creating a plan for what’s next.

What is amazing, is what sort of difference can be FELT after this practice, AND what sort of tangible results are often realized with such brief and modest effort. Of course very significant problems are unlikely to be totally resolved in 30 days, but by the end of the program you may have made substantial progress and will be better prepared to tackle the challenges that remain.

Here are a few of the results I experienced after completing my own Tiny Turnaround.

  • Significant progress made towards overcoming my biggest “issue” and a solid plan for what to do next * Clear sense of purpose
  • Dramatically improved mood — joy, hope and peace
  • Increased motivation, and a discipline of maintaining it
  • Increased physical energy & stamina
  • Improved order & cleanliness in my home and a system for maintaining it
  • More effective parenting practices
  • Better relationships with my family members and friends

Once you’ve concluded the 30 days, you may wish to continue all* or some of the habits you explored. You might continue working on a big goal you started, or you may want to tackle a new project. Whatever comes next, you’ll be able to approach it with a renewed sense of your own power and discipline, the boon of momentum, a clearer head, more physical energy and a pocketful of strategies for efficiency and effectiveness.

*note: The 30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround Program is designed to give you a jump-start. It is not necessarily a means of rapid habit acquisition. Habits take time to permanently acquire, with some studies indicating that as many as 254 repetitions may be needed to get the job done. (see James Clear’s article here) Therefore it’s unlikely that the conclusion of your 30 Day exercise will leave you with 28 rock-solid habits. The purpose of the program is to help you restore hope, energy, balance, momentum and purpose.

If you would like to try this on your own, you can!

If you would like me to walk through this process with you, helping you identify some of the big issues you’d like to address; collaborating with you to design small but effective habits that serve your higher goals that don’t set you up for failure; working with you to successfully navigate obstacles to your success as they arise, and encouraging you through the process, let’s do it together.

See options for working with me on your 30 Day Tiny Turnaround here.

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