The 30 Day Program

A 30 day program designed to help you get out of a rut, back on your feet, and making  measurable progress.

Sometimes you just get in over your head.  You knew better, but now you’re practically engulfed in the “slough of despond.”  You may have big goals or big dreams but those aren’t your concern right now.  You just want to feel better.  30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround was designed for moments just like this, and for people just like everyone.  That’s right, everyone, because even when we know better, we end up here sometimes.

But don’t let the name Tiny Turnaround fool you.  I’ve used it myself to sail QUICKLY from utter dysfunction to purposeful productivity.  I’ve used it to get started on tackling the “big problems” that seemed insurmountable.  The word tiny refers to the steps themselves.  Make little changes, one at a time, feel better and get re-started in the right direction.  With a short-little time frame, the program has a manageable feel to it, and leaves you free to continue what’s working, or embark on something new entirely once you’ve completed it.

Learn more about “30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround” here, and let’s get you back on your feet.

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