According to a recent Gallup Poll, about half of us exercise regularly.  And the other half, well — we know we should.  So how do we get from should to did?  And reap the multitudinous benefits including better physical, mental and emotional health?

One solution is to start smaller.  If you’re not doing any purposeful exercise now, consider adding a 10 minute cardio routine the minute your feet hit the floor.  You wont have time to procrastinate.  You can do it right in your home in your pajamas.  Save your coffee as an incentive.

If it’s nice out, you may want to slip on a pair of walkers and head out the door.  Just simply taking a walk offers a host of potent benefits and is one of the exercise habits people are most likely to keep on doing.  Likewise running, offers an equally simple on-ramp, and needn’t be an all or nothing proposition.  Decades ago a friend of mine coaxed me to “just run for a block” during the walk we were taking together — an invitation that gradually bloomed into a happy and healthy habit.

Exercise is cumulative, and it’s much easier to augment a habit of ten minutes in the morning, than it is to turn ZERO minutes into 30 a day.  So start somewhere.  Make it easy on yourself.  Try for ten.

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