Tiny Turnaround

Tiny Steps from
Chaos to Accomplishment

Small Changes, Big Rewards

Get Unstuck!

A 30 Day Program designed to help you get out of a rut, back on your feet, making measurable progress and feeling better quickly.

Tiny Turnaround Life Coaching

Get What You Want!

Let’s work together to identify your goals, create an action plan, establish milestones, overcome obstacles and maintain momentum.

Tiny Turnaround Group Coaching

Get it Together!

Friends, families and business teams enjoy the advantage of increased accountability and support as they pursue objectives together.

Intensive Support & Companionship Services

Sometimes weekly coaching appointments just aren't enough.  Clients who are undergoing treatment for anxiety or depression, who are going through an intensely difficult challenge, or who are making a fresh start benefit from more flexible and constant encouragement...

Overcome Your Best Excuses

Sometimes our reasons for failure are truly compelling. Overcome them anyway and get the job done, so that you can have rewards instead of reasons.

30 Days to a Tiny Turnaround on Coach.me

A brand new and more affordable way for you to help yourself if you’re feeling stuck, discouraged, disorganized, unmotivated or in a rut. A 30 Day Program to renew your purpose, productivity and mood!

Goalsetting Workshop Begins March 6

Join a private group of 9 other achievers and use a proven process to enhance the likelihood of your success in any goal by over 50%. Whether you have a business goal, a weight loss goal, or you want to reach a new level of success in a different area, Tiny Turnaround...

New Business Workshop

30 Days to Business Balance offers a unique way to leverage the power of small incremental changes in habits, to create progress across your personal and business roles.

Christine Kight

You need three things to get from here to there.  Hope, a realistic plan and action.  These synergistic components never fail to get results.  But none of them are a once-and-done proposition.  Maintaining hope is a discipline, strategies must be quickly but routinely modified, and action must be ongoing.  No one said it would be easy.  But it is possible.  And working with a coach augments your likelihood of success by 51-86%.

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